In partnership with the Drucker School of Business (Claremont Graduate University), this studio effort asked us to imagine the future of Southern California Public Radio's ( / 89.3 KPCC FM) media offerings over the next 10-15 years. 

Design Team:  Nina Viggi (Art/Branding/Film Direction & Content), Kyle Schenone (Animation Direction, "BOOM" Case Design & Content), Byron Wilson (Presentation Direction & Content), Kevin Bethune (Strategic Design Direction & Content).

We investigated listener value criteria, and forecasted how their values would likely migrate over time in combination with the digital disruptive technologies on the horizon.

After extensive Primary and Secondary Research, we discovered that SCPR would be best served helping people digest the news and relating its impact on their lives rather than competing with private media houses to break the news. SPCR could do this by helping folks break down complicated news stories, visualizing news evolutions over time and giving the public a channel to foster community and service.