On January 7, BCG Digital Ventures hosted The Fellowship Initiative (TFI), a community-outreach group sponsored by JPMorgan that provides mentorship and exposure for local-area high school youth (e.g. Watts, Inglewood, Compton, etc.).  We learned about TFI through my long-time friend, Malcolm Johnson, who’s currently an Executive Director in Commercial Real-Estate Banking with JPMorgan.  Upon his last visit to BCGDV's Manhattan Beach headquarters, we knew the TFI young men needed to come see what BCGDV was doing.

They witnessed ...

  • An introduction to BCGDV as well as a chance to get to know the team, whose diverse stories inspired the kids to realize they could do in life despite the odds
  • A tour of BCGDV's Manhattan Beach Innovation Center
  • A rapid simulation of the “innovator’s process” via a rapid design-cycle
  • An inspirational lunch with guest speaker, Daishin Sugano, co-founder of the new G.O.A.T. mobile sneaker marketplace (“Greatest of All Time”).  You can find GOAT in the Apple App Store.

The seeds of entrepreneurship and innovation were definitely planted.  The JPMorgan team was extremely pleased.   This wouldn't have been possible without our BCGDV Design volunteers Ron Clark, Magdalena Paluch, Jenn Kuca, Keiko Ishida, Marc Yelloz, Paul Genberg, Erin Ballard and Harnish Jani for preparing for this workshop, and facilitating the kids through an exciting day of fun, inspiration and learning.