Last Thursday evening, BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV) held an office opening event for our BCGDV Innovation and Investment Center located in Manhattan Beach, CA.  We had over 200 local business leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, tech luminaries and investors visit with us for this special occasion. 

The experience allowed guests to enjoy demos of our ventures, engage in human-centered design practices, try out virtual reality and network with one another within our amazing space designed by R & A Design.  We held a panel with the following luminaries living at the intersection of creative, business and technology:

  • Host:  Guy Adami (Fast Money Contributor, CNBC)
  • Jason Mayden (Designer-in-Residence/Founder, Accel Partners)
  • Albhy Galuten (VP of Media Technology Strategy, Sony)
  • Kevin Bethune (VP of Strategic Design, BCGDV)
  • Omar Johnson (former CMO, Beats by Dre)
  • Ted Mico (CEO, MixedMediaWorks)

The panel touched on the group's shared "polymathic" experience navigating interdisciplinary boundaries within each of their career paths.  We discussed the motivations that drive each of us in our pursuit of innovation, and shared lessons-learned around 'falling forward' to paraphrase Denzil Washington.  The following pictures showcase some highlights from the event.

Photo credit:  BCG Digital Ventures