Thank you for stopping by my newly reformatted website.  It's been a crazy few years since the release of the last version, and I'm really happy to be back blogging with you again.  I've taken some time to simplify things and ensure we have a seamless platform to exchange ideas, inspiration and perspective.  Feel free to poke around, leave a note and spread the word.  

It's no secret that we seem to be getting busier and busier these days.  Often life can get away from us if we don't keep our priorities in order and make some time for our dreams.  I'm a subscriber that you can take back control and "design your life" (paraphrasing Karim Rashid).  My hope is that this site and blog will encourage you to find those moments where you can explore the beauty that is inside you, and have faith that following through on your curiosity will mean something to your life and the broader world.  

Much love, peace and blessings, k.g.b.